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Pay and Play

Come by and visit our new pay and play showroom! We have 7 Rainbow Playsystem playets set up in a heated showroom ( No Air Conditioning) where you can come and play for as long as you'd like! We also have many other fun activities like a pop-a-shot basketball goal, Step-2 Toys, Trains and Cars, and much more! 

Be sure to call 502-266-0058 before you come to make sure there are no parties going on !!

Our Pay and Play is $7.00 M-F and $10.00 on Saturday 

We are open to the public 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday 

We do not allow food in the play area so make sure to have your snacks before you come or after you leave - We do allow juice or water which we also have for sale here while you are playing!

Pay and Play not allowed while parties are going on. - Check our Facebook page for daily updates or CALL US AT 502-266-0058 before you come to see if we have any parties going on!


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